Chorizo Iberico Sausage by Fermin

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All over the Spanish-speaking world there's a local chorizo, it's the ubiquitous Spanish sausage but not like this!

Our chorizo is made from pata negra Iberian pigs. That's right, the same pigs that provide the best jamones we sell here at hamlovers. It's what all other chorizo sausages want to be when they grow up.

Every detail of the manufacture of this chorizo reflects the respect conferred on the special pigs used in its production. The meat is selected and seasoned with garlic, oregano, olive oil and pimentón (smoked red peppers to give it that deep, rich color). The casing is made of natural intestine which is thinner and can be eaten because it's a natural product that absorbs the flavours of the sausage.

Each piece weighs 7 ounces and contain no preservatives. Air-cured for more than a month, they are ready to eat. Gluten-free.

We love it on its own or on some lightly toasted fresh bread. Some people also like to cook with it: Delia Smith has a recipe for a delicious chicken stew from the Basque country which combines chorizo, rice, red peppers and olives.


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