Espuna Catalan Fuet Sausage

Finally, good Catalan fuet is available in the US! 

Espuna Catalan Fuet Sausage


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Fuet is the traditional cured sausage of Catalonia, in the north-eastern part of Spain. The perfect mix of pork cuts, black pepper and spices, fuet is smooth, tasty and not very spicy. In Catalonia fuet is often found hanging in the kitchen, as its flavors develop with time. Some people like it soft and juicy, as it comes out of the box, others prefer to let it cure a bit longer, which yields a harder, more complex sausage.

Curiously, these sausages are made in upstate New York by an enterprising group of Spaniards using imported spices. We salute them, no one else is doing this.

No preservatives, added color or artificial ingredients. Minimally processed. To fully enjoy the aroma and flavor, keep open in a dry, cool place for a day or so. 7 oz. sausage.