Espuna Spicy Chorizo 1 lb

Spicy, smoky, and cured just right. A delight to the senses. Now in big one pound sausages.

Espuna Spicy Chorizo 1 lb save $4.00

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Here is Spain's most celebrated sausage, mildy spicy, perfect on the tongue. Premium slow-cured pork, hardwood-smoked spicy Spanish paprika (pimentón), sea salt and fresh garlic, no preservatives or artificial anything, and aged to perfection. Serve thin slices on a crusty baguette with good olive oil and you'll forget your own name. This chorizo is ready to devour, no cooking necessary.

We love this chorizo and we like the company too. Hailing from Extremadura, Spain and now operating in upstate New York, Espuna won a 2014 sustainability award from Martha Stewart and was featured in the New York Times, which noted the "full-bodied flavor that is glowing with paprika and garlic..." We concur. 16 oz. sausages, vacuum-packed.

“Best chorizo I have found on this side of the Atlantic. Compares well with the more specialized and gourmet brands of Spain that I cannot find in the USA”

–Alvaro Corominas, Barcelona, Spain
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