Iberico Sausage Lovers Gift Set

Our three best acorn-fed iberico sausages- chorizo, lomo, and salchichón, in a handsome gift set.

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This exclusive gift set is the trifecta of iberico sausages- a big one-pound Fermín bellota chorizo, Cinco Jotas lomo tenderloin, and Fermín salchichón, each in a handsome gift tube. All three are made from free-range acorn-fed iberico pork cured and seasoned with traditional spices. All three are the culmination of centuries of artisan effort to create the perfect sausage, now in a gift set from Hamlovers. 

The chorizo and salchichón weigh approximately a pound each, the lomo slightly less. These sausages are cured and vacuum-packed; they don’t require refrigeration until opened. Gluten free.