Fermin Serrano Jamon

This is the delicious jamon that restaurants in Spain use to make tapas, that you find draped over a crusty slice of baguette that's dripping with green olive oil...

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 Mountain-raised serrano ham, cured for 20-24 months
 Weight: 15 - 16 lbs. 
 20-30 servings, depending on appetite

This jamón serrano (literally, mountain ham) is made by Fermín in La Alberca, a midieval town tucked away in the Sierra de Francia mountains near Salamanca. The pigs are humanely raised near the town, which is located squarely in the 79,000-acre Las Batuecas nature reserve, known for its variety of autochthonous plants and fauna. Cured for nearly two years in the clean mountain air (considerably longer than any other serrano ham available in the USA), Fermín serrano ham is a staple at better restaurants in Spain.

Like all our cured hams, this ham requires no cooking - just slice thinly and enjoy.

What's so special about Serrano ham?

For centuries, Spaniards have been rolling fresh hams in pure sea salt and hanging them in their barns to cure. It is a point of pride among Spaniards that they have the best ham in the world - and they do. Unlike Virgina hams, which are boiled, or Italian proscuitto hams, which are cured briefly while coated in lard, serrano hams are cured in mountain air for at least a year. The curing process makes for deep, complex flavors, less fat than other types of ham, and a delightfully firm texture.

In most Spanish households you'll find a ham on its wooden ham stand in the kitchen. A bit of ham is often served at lunch and dinner and with the merienda, the Spanish afternoon snack. It's delightful knowing that you have a delicious ham in the kitchen, waiting to have a slice taken off it.

Before you cut into it, a serrano ham will keep for months. Once you start cutting into it, it will be fine for a month. You can keep it on a ham holder as the Spaniards do, covered with a cloth.


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