Montaraz all-natural sliced iberico jamon

A 125 year-old family business begins to export to the US in small quantities...

Montaraz all-natural sliced iberico jamon


Fuera de Existencias

For over a century, Montaraz jamon has been a well-kept Spanish secret. No marketing, no exports. Made from 100% iberico pigs in Salamanca by a four-generation family company, Montaraz jamon is sublime.

The taste is smooth and complex, less salty than its industrial counterparts, and extremely addictive. These slices are paper-thin and ready to enjoy.

What's more, Montaraz jamon contains no nitrates, nitrites, or anything else - just jamon, sea salt, and time.

The Montaraz family recently began exporting small batches to Europe and Japan to great acclaim. Hamlovers has the first shipment of Montaraz jamon to reach US shores. Quantities are limited. 

Vacuum-packed, 2oz. All-natural and gluten-free.