Sliced lomo iberico de bellota

Cured pork tenderloin is the other famous cut of iberian pork. A wafer-thin slice of this acorn-fed masterpiece will set your senses reeling...

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Made artisanally from the same acorn-fed Iberian pigs that provide our top bellota jamon at hamlovers, bellota pork loin is a world unto itself. Known in Spain as "lomo embuchado", cured tenderloin is naturally low in fat and dense with rich, nutty flavors. Sliced extra thin. Serve with manchego cheese and a nice wine.

2 oz, vacuum-packed. Gluten-free.

“My wife is Spanish and we live in London. You can't find this stuff anywhere here. So ¡Muchisimas gracias!”

–Enrique Navarro, Camden Town, United Kingdom
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