Raw sheep milk Manchego - 3kg wheel

Save on a 3kg (6.6 lbs) wheel of the best manchego we've tasted...

Raw sheep milk Manchego - 3kg wheel save $10.00

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Cured for eight to twelve months, this 100% raw sheep's milk D.O.P. Manchego is a nuanced delight on the tongue. Firm and fairly dry, its bold, nutty, flavors and aromas linger on the palate. Pairs well with Tempranillo or Cabernet, cantaloupe, jamón ibérico, or crusty bread with olive oil. 3kg wheel (6.6 lbs).

Why is this Manchego so good?

The secret is in the raw milk from free-range Manchegan ewes that graze in pastures rife with wild herbs and flowers. Castilla La Mancha is known for its cool, dry climate and rocky soil, much better suited to sheep and goats than cows. The history of the region’s sheep and cheesemaking goes back more than a thousand years. Today, most Manchego cheese is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk (sometimes blended with cow’s milk) that is trucked, stored, and processed in huge batches in factories. Not so with this Manchego. The sheep are owned by the same family and the cheesemaking is done by hand on their farm in Tembleque, in the heart of the La Mancha region. During the cure the cheeses are rubbed regularly with local olive oil, which gives the cheese a more protective rind and adds another dimension to its flavor and aromas.


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