Fermin Chorizo de Bellota 1lb

This is the professional chorizo lovers chorizo, in big 1lb+ sausages...

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Fermín chorizo de bellota is made from 100% acorn-fed iberian pork that's been cured for at least two months. Imported from Spain, these sausages are simply in a different category. They bring the close-your-eyes flavors of acorn-fed, free-range, cured iberico pork to another place, where traditional Spanish pimentón pepper adds a tang that will make you want to write poetry. A perfect gift for yourself or any gourmet, these nearly two-foot long sausages are guaranteed to delight. Natural pork casing, gluten free, gorgeous.

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“You've got me completely addicted to this stuff...Out of this world.”

–Jim Whitely, Queens, NYC, United States
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