Espuna Chorizo by the Case

Due to popular demand, we offer our addictive Espuna Chorizo by the case at a great price...

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Six pounds of delectable chorizo. We pack them half mild, half spicy, but if you'd like a different mix just mention it in the notes field on the order form. These irresistable sausages are vacuum-packed, don't require refrigeration, and are best eaten within six months or so, so you've plenty of time. The mild sausages weigh 7oz each, the spicy ones weigh 16 oz. Vacuum-packed.

Note: depending on the mix of mild and spicy sausages you choose, you'll receive a different number of sausages, but you'll always get at least 6 lbs.

All mild - 14 x 7oz sausages

All spicy - 6 x 16oz sausages

Half and half - 3 x 16oz + 7 x 7oz (total 10 sausages)

Here is Spain's most celebrated sausage done right. Premium slow-cured pork, hardwood-smoked Spanish paprika, sea salt and fresh garlic, no preservatives or artificial anything, and aged to perfection. Serve thin slices on a crusty baguette with good olive oil and you'll forget your own name. This chorizo is ready to devour, no cooking necessary.

We love this chorizo and we like the company too. Hailing from Extremadura, Spain and now operating in upstate New York, Espuna won a 2014 sustainability award from Martha Stewart and was featured in the New York Times, which noted the "full-bodied flavor that is glowing with paprika and garlic..." We concur. 

“Please make all the chorizo the spicy one. I had it in the sampler that came with my last order of jamon and now I am completely addicted.”

–Joseph Drumm, Brooklyn, NY, United States
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