Jamon iberico de bellota by Fermin

Gastronomic experts the world over insist on Ibérico de bellota jamon as the only jamon worthy of the most refined and educated palate.

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Wooden jamon holder and knife or Iberian Sausage Sampler

Black ibérico (pata negra), free-range, cured for 36 months
Diet of acorns (bellotas) and other wild plants
Weight: 15 - 16 lbs.
30-50 servings, depending on appetite
 Free wooden jamon holder and knife or Iberian sausage sampler

Free-range Ibérico de bellota jamon is, quite simply, the best jamon there is.

Produced by Fermin (pronounced Fair-meen) in Salamanca, Spain, this jamon is known worldwide for its consistent top quality and delicate, sweet flavor. The black-footed pigs this jamon is made from are free-range, roaming Spain's extensive Holm oak forests in search of acorns (bellotas) and wild herbs. The pigs' diet and active lives lend themselves to firm, well-marbled jamon that is a treat for all the senses: delicious to taste and smell, wonderful to see, solid to touch and with a soft swish as you slice off the first layer of fat to reveal the ruby red flesh beneath. You cannot help but close your eyes when you slowly melt the fat with the warmth of your mouth and savor the rich, nutty and salty flavors. Don't worry. Due to it's acorn diet, Iberico Jamon is very high in monounsaturated fats which is supposed to lower your LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol. That's a good thing! 

As per regulations, the hoof has been removed from these jamones. Gluten-free.

“Nobody much advertises this about full ham, but you get a broad spectrum of tastes in a single pack. The outer fat-side of the "mazza" part is soft & juicy matured meat, ideal for accompanying lighter fruitier dishes - on the other side of "mazza" as well as on "contramazza" the meat is dark, strong & dry - just perfect on as a standalone snack or on top of e.g. pan tamata. For the ones looking for deeper fattier tastes, the "punta" offers combination of deep dark meaty with soft and mellow fatty streaks.”

–Tommi J., Hyvinkaa, Finland
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  • Wooden jamon holder and knife
  • Iberian Sausage Sampler