Organic paleta iberica de bellota

Finally, organically raised, free range, nitrate-free jamón. And it's delicious...

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 Certified USDA Organic, Nitrate-free
 Black iberian (pata negra), free-range, cured for 24 months
 Diet of acorns and other wild plants
 Weight 11 - 12 lbs
 20-30 servings, depending on appetite
 Free wooden jamon holder and knife or Iberian sausage sampler

Made from free-range Iberico pigs raised on certified organic farms, this Ibérico de Bellota shoulder Jamon is an all-natural delight. 

These pigs are fed certified organic grains when young. When they reach 175-195 pounds (80-90 kg), they are released to roam nearby scrub oak forests, where they feed exclusively on acorns and wild plants and herbs. The farms themselves are not only organic, they are run by true stewards of the land, operating sustainably, with zero use of pesticides, herbicides, hormones, GMOs, or preservatives. The jamón takes a bit more work and time to produce, but the taste is worth it.