Hamlovers sampler pack

Try our best sliced Spanish jamón and lomo with our sampler pack. Jamón Ibérico, Paleta serrana, and Lomo Ibérico de Bellota. Yum!

Hamlovers sampler pack


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The Hamlovers sampler pack contains our favorite Spanish slices. 

Jamón Ibérico by Fermin

Cured for two years, this fine jamón ibérico comes from Salamanca, one of Spain's most famous jamon regions. It is made from the meat of a special race of pigs called black Iberian pigs. 

Eat it at room temperature and feel the rich, gorgeous flavour coming through. Then that little bit of delicious fat melts on your tongue. It's one of life's special treats.  

2oz, vacuum-packed. Gluten-free.

Lomo Ibérico de Bellota by Fermín

Made artisanally from the same acorn-fed Iberian pigs that provide our top bellota jamon at hamlovers, bellota pork loin is a world unto itself. Known in Spain as "lomo embuchado", cured tenderloin is naturally low in fat and dense with rich, nutty flavors. Sliced extra thin. Serve with manchego cheese and a nice wine.

2 oz, vacuum-packed. Gluten-free.

Sliced paleta serrana

Serrano jamon is a Spanish staple. Our sliced serrano has been cured for 12 months. It is best served at room temperature by itself or with cheese and olives, wrapped around bits of melon, or for adding its unique flavor to all manner of dishes.

Try this classic Spanish dish: a few slices of serrano jamon on crusty bread that's been drizzled with good olive oil. To die for.

2 oz, vacuum-packed. Gluten-free.

“Sent this as a father's day gift to my gourmet father in law and he liked it, which is saying a lot. Thanks Hamlovers.”

–Stephen Dominguez, New York, United States
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