Jamon iberico by Fermin

Jamón Ibérico (Iberian ham) comes from the famous black-footed pigs of Spain. They are famous for a reason...

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Wooden jamon holder and knife or Iberian Sausage Sampler

 100% Black ibérico (pata negra), cured for 24 months
Weight: 16-17 lbs.
30-50 servings, depending on appetite
 Includes wooden ham holder and knife or Iberian sausage sampler

Not to be confused with Fermin's 50% iberico ham, This 100% ibérico is our recommendation for a full-sized introduction to Ibérico jamon. While it costs less than the bellota (acorn-fed) jamones, this jamon delivers. Cured for two years, a ribbon of this jamon is a delight to the senses.

In most households in Spain, having an ibérico jamon in the house is a special event. Friends and neighbors will drop by to sample it, discuss its flavor, and demonstrate their ham-cutting abilities (the thinnest slice wins). This, in a country known for its fabulous food. The taste of Ibérico jamon is truly a marvel.

Like all Hamlovers jamones, this Ibérico comes vacuum-packed. It will keep for months before you start to cut it. Once you do cut it, it will keep for a month or so. It's best to store it on a jamon holder, covered with a cloth. You'll be surprised how often you happen to wander over to where its kept for a tiny slice...

As per FDA regulations, the hoof has been removed from these jamones. Gluten-free.

“Hi, my family is from near Tarragona and for the last 13 years we always bring back ibericos for friends when we visit Spain. Your website saved me an extra suitcase this time!”

–Josep Martinez, London, United Kingdom
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  • Wooden jamon holder and knife
  • Iberian Sausage Sampler