Jamon iberico by Fermin

Jamón Ibérico (Iberian ham) comes from the famous black-footed pigs of Spain. They are famous for a reason...

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Arcos 9 inch pro jamon knife
Wooden jamon holder and knife or Iberian Sausage Sampler

 100% Black ibérico (pata negra), cured for 24 months
Weight: 15-16 lbs.
30-50 servings, depending on appetite
 Includes wooden ham holder and knife or Iberian sausage sampler

Not to be confused with Fermin's 50% iberico ham, This 100% ibérico is our recommendation for a full-sized introduction to Ibérico jamon. While it costs less than the bellota (acorn-fed) jamones, this jamon delivers. Cured for two years, a ribbon of this jamon is a delight to the senses.

In most households in Spain, having an ibérico jamon in the house is a special event. Friends and neighbors will drop by to sample it, discuss its flavor, and demonstrate their ham-cutting abilities (the thinnest slice wins). This, in a country known for its fabulous food. The taste of Ibérico jamon is truly a marvel.

Like all Hamlovers jamones, this Ibérico comes vacuum-packed. It will keep for months before you start to cut it. Once you do cut it, it will keep for a month or so. It's best to store it on a jamon holder, covered with a cloth. You'll be surprised how often you happen to wander over to where its kept for a tiny slice...

As per FDA regulations, the hoof has been removed from these jamones. Gluten-free.

“I just want to inform that the delivery of the goods went perfectly. When I opened the package, I discovered a lovely smelling “jamon iberico”. We immediately sliced some pieces and it’s just fantastic!! To be honest, this was my first experience with internet ordering and I was a bit anxious how this would go. Everything went just fine and as explained on the website. Great customer experience. ”

–Frank vangramberen, Aartselaar, Belgium
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  • Wooden jamon holder and knife
  • Arcos 9 inch pro jamon knife
  • Iberian Sausage Sampler