Arcos 9 inch pro jamon knife

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Guaranteed for 10 years, Arcos jamon knives are found in well-equipped home and restaurant kitchens throughout Spain. The blade is forged from a nitrogen-enhanced steel called Nitrum that Arcos has developed. The nerdy details are below, but in a nutshell this blade is harder, sharper, and keeps its edge a lot longer than typical inox blade steels. The handle is ergonomic polyoximetilene (POM), popular among professional chefs for its grip, durability, and easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe.


Hardness (Rockwell scale): exceeds 54,5
Sharpness (initial cutting power): exceeds ISO 8442-5 by more than 70%
Edge retention: exceeds ISO 8442-5 by more than 200%

“I would recommend hamlovers to anyone who seeks the best”

–G Morgan, Liverpool, United Kingdom
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