Jamotec F1 ultimate ham holder

Jamotec F1 ultimate ham holder


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The Jamotec F1 is, bar none, the finest ham holder in the world. It is the result of Jamotec's obsession with holding a ham absolutely steady in any conceivable position.

This limited edition model (at this writing, only six have been made) is constructed of 100% stainless steel, features screw-adjustable feet and weighs nearly 10kg. It is steadiness, manufactured. Insert the hoof of a ham in the cuff, lock the cuff in both axes (torsional and lateral), and tighten the twin thumbscrews. The ham is completely immobilized.

This is where the F1 moves into completely new territory. When a new ham is placed in the holder, the F1's unique moveable bearclaw base is in its folded (teeth facing forward) position. The base of the ham rests on the stainless steel spine. By loosening the lateral axis of the cuff and raising the bearclaw to its vertical position (teeth pointing up), the ham cutter can raise the base of the ham so it is on level with the hoof. Finally, when one side of the ham has been stripped of meat and only bone remains, the bearclaw is deployed to its extended position (teeth facing 45 degrees towards the back). The ham is then turned so it is flat, the bone side pushed down onto the razor-sharp bearclaw teeth. This is a feat no other ham holder can match- the ham is immobilized when one side is nothing but bone. This may sound like a small feat, but -expert ham cutters are nodding their heads here- considerable force must be applied to cut parts of the ham, especially when one reaches the final stages. Immobility is key.

If that weren't enough, the F1 also folds to fit into its included leather satchel, which includes a pocket for your knives and sharpeners.

The F1 is guaranteed for ten years. It's also guaranteed to impress. Hamlovers has a few of these limited edition units in stock.